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Need faster lvl on my sorceere where should i go not ornamond but safe for my sorcerer Money is not the intention Xp and level is intention

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Maybe wyrms but not so good but may be good and safe hunt any more ideas
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1- Using SD on Dragon Lord (Darashia). With happy 800k per hour.
2- Using GFB on Ancient Scarabs (Mother Scarab Lair  on Ankrahmun). With happy 600k per hour.
3- Using SD on Lizzard (Farmine). With happy 600k per hour.
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I'm a bit late on this one. But Ancient mother of scarab lair 50-60+ with terra set and gfbs is very viable if you know how to remove paralyze in time. Or if you dont lagg while doing exura. Use time ring and boh  aswell, because paralyze doesn't remove the Move speed from items, which will make you able to kite faster. I've lvled all my mages there from 50+ because you need SMP to survive.

Depending on your voc, but with sorcerer once you get UE  you will have around 150k/h more than druids in exp.

All my Elder druids I've lvled there has had around 1.1 - 1.2kk/h, while my Master sorcerers gains 1.3-1.5kk/h. on 225% exp(exp boost+ hh) on 150% its around 750-1kk+/h. You will also get money back here and with luck you'll go profit few hunts. 

You will learn how to path once you spent enough time there lvling makers.

Thought I could mention that place as lvl 50-60+ because someone answered its 70+ and rec 100+. Hope it helps someone who finds this thread and are looking for options to pg low lvl mages. I even go here duo with friends from 30+ to make 1kk/h+ at lvl 30. Only when I got someone to duo with.