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I've always wondered if loot is truly based off of the seconds of the minute or if it's truly random. Is there any response to this?

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I believe what you're asking is:

  • Is the loot randomly generated at the moment the creature is killed, therefore, it MAY depend on the moment you killed it, and WHO killed it


  • Is the loot for every creature predefined when they respawn, so it wouldn't matter who killed it, the loot is the loot and won't change. Example: That Yeti WILL loot the bunnyslippers whether you or me killed it, whether we killed it now or in 2 hours.
If we take into consideration the fact that loot has PARTICIPATION LEVELS AND THRESHOLD, then it HAS to be the 1st option. If loot was predefined, then participation levels would not matter and anyone would be able to loot anything.
Now, assuming the 1st option is the correct one, HOW the loot is generated, how they apply the % chances, etc.. that must be a very complex formula which I'm afraid we will never know for sure.
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yea im sure we'll never know x.x and theres times where i get a rare loot right after the other. idk its interesting. maybe for each item they have a certain amount that they will drop in a day or an hour thanks for your detailed response.
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That is the point! Wish we know how it works.
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Just like any loot, it has a % to droop, so for every monster that you kill you have the same chance to get it, doesn't matter how long are you hunting
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that's true but i guess its just part of the truth, i upped your answer as it is for all we know at the moment.