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What mount and how get can I get on free acc?

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1- All mount from the store - Need buy it with Tibia Coin (The value can change, depende of time and mount you want (900TC - 450TC).

Here is a list:  https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Montarias#Store

And you can use it wherever you want.

2- Rented Horse (3 colour versions) - Need pay 500GP with Palomino (Thais - East Entrade) or Apploosa (Venore - West Entrade) per day to get it.

You can use it by 24 RL hours at the ened if you want need go back and pay another 500Gp to other 24H.

3- Crystal Wolf, using Diapason on Crystal Wolf (Check the World Change Thronfire).

Donkey, using Bag of Apple Slice on you or a mob when the Incredibly Old Witch torn you into a Dunkey (Thais Suthwest).

Kingly Deer, using Golden Fir Cone or Music Box on Enraged White Deer (Ab'dendriel Suth)

Neon Sparkid, using Crackling Egg.

Sparkion, using Vibrant Egg.

Vortexion, using Menacing Egg.

Rapid Boar, using Hunting Horn on Boar.

Tiger Slug, using Slug Drug in Slug (South Venore - Swamp Trolls Cave).

War Bear, using Slingshot on Bear.

War Horse, using Sugar Oat or Music Box on Wild Horse (Thais - East) you need check the Raid of this.

Water Buffalo, using  leech on Water Buffalo (Venore Swamp).

You can get all this mounts but need pacc to use.
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Thanks I gonna check only what I can use:3
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Free account players can tame creatures and earn achievements for them, but they will only be able to ride Rented Horses and not any of the "permanent" mounts unless they activate some premium time. However, mounts purchased through the Payment System can be used in-game whenever you want, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

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Basically, you can get any mount on the store, doesn't matter your account status! smiley There are several options available!

The cheapest ones to acquire are the Lions ones, on the Bronze Mounts section of the store. Here they are:




Additionally, you can also rent a horse with NPCs Palomino (east of Thais) or Appaloosa (west of Venore). They cost 500 gps, and you will be able to stay with the horse only for a day (24 hours).

Apart from that, you can tame mounts in-game through using items on them, but you will need to acquire premium time in order to use them.

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