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I've probably used these Orichalcum Pearls only a couple of times in the way past. I was wondering if their still useful and what for?

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Sure, if you have completed the Explorer society quest, you can use them to travel from Liberty hay - Svargrond and Port Hope - Nordport, by entering the portals inside the Explorer society guildhouses.

You can also use all the tps in the Knight tower in POH, after completing the Dreamer's Challenge Quest and delivering 3000 demonic essences. The different TPS take you to: Carlin, Thais, Mintwallin, Dream Real, Ab'dendriel, Kazzordoon, Fíbula, Darashia and Ankrahmun)
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hmmmm I've never used the teleports to be honest i'll test it out sometime soon to see if it's worth it xD
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in addition, to what Beix wrote - are a nice replacement for  white pearl when you do decorate your house - they are  look the same, but much cheaper than normal.

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Thanks! Yeah I used to use them in the past as decoration so thanks for that tip. (: I do need to redecorate sometime soon.