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My character is pretty old and I know I've done this quest in my main character and in some of my noobs as well, but I'm not sure about which noob chars I've done it with.

I searched my quest log but I didn't find anything about it... Am I missing it in the quest log? Or is there any way to know if a character has done it?

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You are right, The Realm of Dreams Quest does not show up in the quest log.

You could check the top of the Draconia Black Temple to see if you can take the Key to Magic book from the chest there.  But I honestly dont know if that resets, especially after so long.

Other than that, if you have access to Chayennes key, you could simply try the quest again. Though to be fair thats not the easiest thing in the world to do. Good luck.
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Key and magic book? :o sorry I'm not familiar with this quest i haven't done it before thanks for the details
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To be honest, picking up this book doesn't necessarily means one have made the Chayenne Key quest, although is a good indicator
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There is no achievement for it, nor quest log update. Only way to know if you did it or not would be to try to do it again. Not the answer you want, I'm sure :/.