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Inside the mage's tower in Zao, on the top of the tower we can  find  a portal that will take us to another dimension. I found information that if we defeated Raging Mage, the portal is closed after 5 minutes and only opens in next Server Save. I wanted to finish my hunting task for Yielothax, but I couldn't find the portal after saving the server. Does anyone know how long I have to wait for new portal? 

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Please see my original answer as it is still correct and best answer is deemed wrong by a cm

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My answer for when the dimensional portal with Yielothaxes appears has been officially confirmed by a CM. To put it short, the dimensional portal appears at a random time after server save. If the portal is there the Mad Mage hasn't spawned yet. The portal is related to The Mage's Tower world change which has seen several changes but I want to explain in detail about the world change to avoid confusion-

  • 2000 Yielothax need to be killed for the Raging Mage to spawn
  • You need to kill a total of 250 Yielothax in order to kill the Raging Mage
  • The Energized Raging Mage can be killed twice for the Mageslayer achievement. You'll see the Energized Raging Mage if the portal is still there which means 2000 Yielothax haven't been killed yet nor has the Mad Mage spawned. Please note you will not loot anything from the Energized Raging Mage as he needs to be turned into the Raging Mage for loot. The Raging Mage is best known for the Elemental Spikes which is for the Elementalist Outfits
  • The Mad Mage spawns once a day as long as 2000 Yielothax is killed. When he's killed In your server log you'll see this message: The remains of the Raging Mage are scattered on the floor of his Tower. The dimensional portal quakes.
  • The dimension disappears 5 minutes after Raging Mage has been killed. And it will say this in your server log: With a great bang the dimensional portal in Zao collapsed and with it the connection to the other dimension shattered.
  • The dimension will reappear again at a random time after server save as the world change takes place every day.


Adjustments of The Mage's Tower:

In order to weaken the Energised Raging Mage, 2000 Yielothax need to be killed now. To be able to take part in the fight against the Raging Mage, a character has to kill 250 Yielothax from now on. Another Dimension will now collapse 5 minutes after the Raging Mage has been killed. Furthermore, the world change will now start once a day as opposed to once every two days, and it will take place at a random time after server save.

(Sept 15 2020) Official CM confirmation and response

(Oct 09 2013) Content Fixes and Changes

(Tibia Fandom) World change quotes

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Yea someone killed Raging Mage yesterday, but portal didn't appear after Server Save. I checked now (time:13:59) and Portal is there. I wonder what is exactly time for appear portal after server save.
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Hmm I think it  appear every day but server have to kill 2k Yielothaxes  to transform Mage.
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Made a large number of edits for clarification about the world change but I want to point out the fact my answer has been correct for months now.
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It takes 20 hours for portal to appear after the Raging Mage Raging Mage (do not mix with Energized Raging Mage) is defeated. It does NOT reset with Server Save. What does it mean exactly?

- Once server kills 2000 Yielotax, and you killed 200 of them, you are able to kill Energized Raging Mage;

- Once Energized Raging Mage is defeated, Raging Mage is spawned at the Energized Raging Mage place and it can be killed;

- Once Raging Mage is defeated following Message appears :

The remains of the Raging Mage are scattered on the floor of his Tower. The dimensional portal quakes.

- After 5 minutes since message appears, gates are closing and following message appears:

With a great bang the dimensional portal in Zao collapsed and with it the connection to the other dimension shattered.

- The portal will appear 20 hours after Raging Mage is killed.

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This answer is completely wrong. You need 250 Yielthaxes. The portal opens up randomly after ss. I don't know why my answer was removed from the best answer. I even have CM confirmation about my response posted originally. https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4812061&pagenumber=5
Shawtay, I am happy for you to have confirmation from CM and proving your points :) I am
Sure Loreffy will change it to your answer since it has been updated, got a point and mine is rubbish- and I hope you are finally happy and satisfied with that.
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Mine has remained the same just added extra detailed information. I was surprised because I tested your answer out multiple times and was like did they change it again? Thanks for understanding.