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What are those mounts who you need pay a lot of millions to buy it?

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Top 5:
0- Flying Book (Mount)

Item: Library Ticket
Price: 000KK - 000KK
Only two on whole Tibia, at the moment.

1- Vortexion
Item: Menacing egg
Price: 000KK - 000KK

2- Rift Runner
Item: Mysterious Scroll
Price: 200KK - 250KK

3- Neon Sparkid
Item: Crackling egg
Price: 150KK - 185KK

4- Shock Head (Mount)
Item: Nightmare Horn
Price: 5,5KK - 14KK

The rest of mounts cost less than 5kk.
The price can vary.

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Library ticket is around 200-300kk and Glooth Glider is more expensive than the Shock head, menacing egg is 300-400kk
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How you know the price of Ticket?
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I know people Who sells it
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