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I'm trying to learn how to get Smoking Coal Smoking Coal as I really don't want to buy it in the market as it's super pricy. Is there a way to make it yourself? I tried to put coal on fire or use it and it's not working out. 

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I decided to write a new answer, because both of already existing are in my opinion quite unclear.

To get some Smoking Coal first of all you need to meet Shlorg .

Aneg351 mentioned about Weakened Shlorg, but nope. You'll see just Shlorg - immortal stage.

Just after you enter the spawn situation looks like on the screenshot. As you can see, there is no Smoking Coals.

So now you have to hit the boss in its immortal stage few times with SDs or deal noticable damage (I killed with avalanche/great fireball runes rest of monsters, hiting Shlorg at the same time and it wasn't enough). Thanks to this on the floor will appear Smoking Coals . Unfortunately just a few on each stack (as I remember firstly it is max 3 per stack, but I might be wrong). Now you have to take one of the coal and burn up the basins, to change immortal stage of the boss into his weakened version.

And now, I have to add something very important in case if you want to collect Smoking Coals - the longer is your fight with a Weakened Shlorg, the more Smoking Coals appear on the floor. For example when I kill the boss I can take only 12 coals per fight. When long time ago a low level player killed the boss, I have found more than 70 coals. The difference is big, isn't it?

Okay, now I think it's nothing more to add.

Good luck!

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The only way to get this item is when the boss Shlorg appears. There will be some smoking coals on the ground of the cave. You need to use them on basins near to the boss to appear the weakened form of Shlorg and this way you can kill him.
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Have you killed him before? I was trying to prepare myself to find him so I guess it's just when he appears I'll be able to get this item then.
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Never killed, I'm not a lucky person with bosses haha That's right, only when he appears you're able to get the items, they just  stands on the floor
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I decided to make a new answer because Candangoek didn't say how to "spawn" Smoking coal. 

When you enter on the boss  spawn and Weakned Shlorg will be  there you won't see any Smoking coals on the floor. 

Smoking coals appear after you will attack in Weakned Shlorg. Not exactly after you start attack but after some time.

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Thanks for adding it to my answer, I didn't know that!!
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yeah i had no idea neither thanks for the input <3
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