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This question is inspired by a few questions asked about the boxes in the Falcon Bastion asked recently such as Canariio's question 'Where are the locations in the Falcon Bastion where I can find and collect items in boxes?'

These questions and provided answers mention Key 0909. I can see from the information I found that it is located on the 6th floor.

My question is, What is involved in getting the key? Is it a boss drop or obtainable after killing a boss?

Any help much appreciated

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Key 0909  is a falcon bastion key, it opens two doors on the ground floor. It can be found on the top of falcon bastion  in a chest,  here.

In this video you can see the player getting the key in the minute 6:00.

Source: Tibia.fandom.com

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Thanks for that information. That video gave me a lot to think about and some serious questions that dont belong here lol
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