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I've recently fully unlocked a Draken Elite on the Bestiary. I was under the impression once I fully unlock a creature it will display to me all the items you can possibly loot from said creature. It's weird because I've unlocked other creatures and it will display to me all the things I can loot but with Draken Elites it seems to be a different story. My question is why won't it display all the items you can loot, is it based on the creature?

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In my opinion, you just haven't been lucky enough to loot a given item, so you don't have the loot unlocked completely.

I will give you an example:

I've killed 6 Yeti, Bunny slipers didn't fall out and the loot is blocked.

The same applies to War Golem, when I was making the bestiary I was not lucky enough to loot Tin Key and I also have loot blocked.

So, in my experience, at least once you have to drop an item to fully unlock the loot.

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Hmm that's a good theory I'm sure that's why i know apparently someone looted bunny slippers and had it displayed under the yeti not sure where I saw that so that could very well be the case.
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This theory is tested together with friends: P I also saw somewhere a screenshot of the Yeti loot and slippers in the bestiary were displayed.
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Its not theory its fact... it was announced from the beginning of the bestiary that a very rare loot will appear only after being dropped
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When you unlock a creature all the itens from Common to Rare will be displayed.

However very rare itens will only be displayed if you have dropped them on that creature.

From wiki:

Very rare loot drops will also be displayed once you loot the item for the first time, as long as you have that creature fully unlocked.

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I Upvoted  your answer because its right on the point.  Very Rares only show on the bestiary when you have them drop. For me your answer was the best answer
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