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I wanna know what are the best items from quest that could be used to make a Valentine's Day Decoration. 

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This is my list:

  • Voodoo Lily Pollen from "The Great Hunger" in Krailos Quest.
  • ,,, - task Collect in Children of the Revolution Quest
  •  Rosebush - obtainable while doing The Dream Courts Quest
  •  Blood Herb from Blood Herb Quest
  •  Shining Sun Catcher from A Dream Come True Quest
  •  from Cults of Tibia Quest
  • Blood Crystal from Blood Brother Quest (can be bought from Black Bert)
  • Crimson Nightshade Blossoms fromThe Curse Spreads Quest
  • Purple Nightshade Blossoms from Grimvale Quest
  •  and  from Rosemarie. She is in Port Hope only in June
  • Ghost Charm from In Service of Yalahar Quest. (can be also bought from Black Bert)
  • Shadow Bite Berries from The Curse Spreads Quest
  • Ghostsilver Lantern from Forgotten Knowledge Quest
asked Feb 11 by (17,177 points) What non-quest items can I use for Valentines Day?
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I wanted to share this post that Tibia Decorations recently posted. It has a great collection of items for Valentine's Day as well as examples of how they are used in decorations- https://tibiadecorations.com/valentines-day-decorations/

There are way too many items to list out individually, but some of my personal favorites from quests are:

Candle Made of Human Tallowlatest?cb=20130704181306&path-prefix=en&format=original

Lace trimmed Handkerchieflatest?cb=20201106142303&path-prefix=en&format=original

Lonely Crystallatest?cb=20120628182706&path-prefix=en&format=original

Violet Tulipimage

Coral Vow Flowerimage

Love Potionimage

Happy decorating!