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If my world manages to complete the The Colours of Magic, what are the prizes for the world? Also, are there any individual prizes?

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Individual Reward

Zaoan Chess Box, only the first time.

Bonus Points

At the representative of the wizard you chose, you can use the bonus points you have earned to purchase or gamble for Zaoan Chess Pieces. For 5 bonus points you can get any random piece (with the queen being rare?), for 20 bonus points you can get any specific piece (except for the queens), and for 60 bonus points you can get either of the queens.

When you join a wizard, you gain 10 bonus points.

When you tag someone else with a powder, you gain 10 bonus points.

When you hand ("Exchange") in 5 powders favoring your wizard to the wizard's representative you gain 1 bonus point. You can only do this 10 times (10 points).

Thus, there is a maximum of 30 bonus points per character per event.

World Reward

At the end of the event, the winning wizard will grant bonuses to the entire server:

Feiz of Power (Violet)

The boosts from Berserk Potions and Bullseye Potions increase to +7 (+2), while the negative effects to shielding will decrease to -8 (+2). The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. List of monsters affected by experience boost:

Fern of Nature (Green)

The regeneration from mana and health potions will be increased by 10%.

Furb of Fun (Yellow)

The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. Festive items will drop from the creatures which dropped the envelopes (Fireworks Rockets, Party Trumpets, Snowballs and Party Hats). The chance to successfully sculpt Ice Mammoths and Beautiful Marble Statues increased by 900% (multiplied by 10).