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When I reach level 8 and become a knight, how do I get an axe in the chest? Every time I get a Jagged Sword, but I want to use axes not swords.

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This is actually a game problem right now. I literally see no sense on giving a sword to players that would prefer other weapons instead.

  • You can however go to Rookgaard (warning: Rookgaard is not designed to provide the best experience for Tibia newcomers, according to modern standards developed by game designers. Keep in mind that Dawnport is supposed to be the most indicated place to start your game) as soon as you create a new character and talk to Inigo NPC about Rookgaard. You will be able to level up there, and when reaching level 8, go to the Oracle and to the Island of Destiny. There you can go to the Knight's Guild, choose the Knight vocation, where you will have equivalent weaponry for axes and clubs (and of course, the option to pick up the Jagged Sword). But rest assured that you can only get one weapon out of the three available on Island of Destiny.

Well, most of the time it is not worth to go through this on Rookgaard... It is a quite slow place to make experience, so unfortunately, you will be better leaving Dawnport and getting a new axe or club on a Tibian City.

  • You can however buy a better axe or a club at a NPC on Mainland as soon you arrive on a Tibian city after leaving Dawnport!

I will cite one club and one axe easy to obtain at any city with weaponry NPCs, and they would be good options for players:

- Morning Star (one handed, club): 430 gold pieces - atk: 25 def:11

- Battle Axe (two handed, axe): 235 gold pieces - atk: 25 def: 10 (SPOILER: there is a quest involving this weapon, as the user YuriValle already mentioned. You can look up for more information regarding it here)

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Nice answer, I wouldn't mention Rookgaard as it was not designed for new Tibian standards, Dawnport is a much more appropriate city for todays Tibia.
If possible, mention the Battle axe quest as I have mentioned.
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My only problem about the quest is that usually I don't like to reveal many details concerning Quests (personal preference here) in order to offer a better game experience for new players. Trader NPCs, however, are a  very welcomed thing to let people know early on, since it is a crucial game knowledge. I will indicate about the existence of a quest involving the aforementioned weapon, so thanks for the heads up.

I agree with the stance on Rookgaard. I will put a more evident warning telling on how the place is not the ideal place designed for newcomers according to modern standards.

Thank you for the feedback.
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There is no way to get anything other weapon from the chest, than the "Jagged Sword".
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Sadly, the only free weapon is the Jagged Sword as you leave Dawnport (the beginner island).

The reality is that you're most likely not use those weapons for long so, don't worry.

If you choose Thais, there's a quest you can do that you'll obtain the Battle Axe, a very heavy but strong two handed axe for beginners.

For spoilers on how to get the axe once in Thais, read here.