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One of my character's is in a sticky situation and I don't have a temple scroll to use. I was wondering if updates still bring your character to the temple? If so, which updates?

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I asked CipSoft and this was their reply:

Hello Ryocrits,

Thank you for your request. I'm sorry but there are different criteria when characters will be teleported back to the temple. Sometimes it depends on the update, sometimes it happened due to a server rollback, sometimes due to "bigger" game changes etc.

If you have other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
CipSoft Tech Support

So this means its impossible to predict when will it happen, and which updates will have that. But one can still say it will happen when any of the sittuations described on the official reply meets with the necesity of having all the characters brought to the temple. I believe that happened on today's server safe if I'm not wrong, at least for me and they just did maintenance work.

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From my experience:

Whenever there is a server RESET, all character will login in temple.

This info is based on 4 years of bringing 15 characters to roshamuul's mouthpiece box, after every server reset.
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As always, vote down without a proper explanation.
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1. Your answer is incomplete
2. You are referencing to an answer that is incorrect
3. Any sources to confirm that?
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My answer is based on 4 years playing, in which after every server reset I had to bring all my mouthpieces characters back to roshamuul, so I can say I'm 100% sure that after EVERY server reset, the characters goes to Temple.

Theres not a source for that, besides my own experience, which IMO is still valid.

As for refering an incorrect answer, I just wanted to be polite and say my answer is an "addition" to someone's elses answer, instead of trying to "steal" a better answer. I didn't know her answer was wrong
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I do understand that. Please note, however, that this question primarily asks whether updates bring you to the temple or not. As this answer currently stands, it doesn't attempt to answer that question. It only mentions this happens when there's a server reset, and hence the downvote. If you look at the best practices for answering questions, you will note that one of the points is to always make your answer complete (no matter if partial/incorrect answers already exist) - https://www.tibiaqa.com/answering-how-to-answer
Hopefully this helps :)