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It seems like impossible to me to gain enough charm points to buy even 1 charm to use and u can only use 1 per monster type? Is there any guide anywhere to show me how ppl did it and which monsters they killed to get the points?
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It would be great if you could reformulate your question to be less broad. Maybe something along the lines of "Which are the best monsters to start collecting charm points?". Asking for general guides is also not really recommended.


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Here's some I think are SUPER easy:

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Thats great, thanks again. Another well answered question by u. With this and small amount of points i already gained i can get easy 1 charm to unlock, only gonna be hard from that point forward ;p On a quick side note, is it possible to give the same charm at the same time to two different monsters?
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No, its not =( only 1 charm per monster and 1 monster per charm
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There is a list of all the monsters included on the bestiary: Bestiary Class.

You could see it and check with one will be good for you level.

There is some videos of easy way to farm points:

Bestiary Best Place

Bestiary Rapid Respawn

And also this question have an interesting information, you can check it too:


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Why the downvote?
Jesus! If you have the time to click down please say the reason too!
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I didn't down vote. The only reason why I think someone would down vote is because your pasting sources but not the actual examples of the creatures. I would add creatures to your answer, then your answer would be nice in my eyes.