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I like to decorate my thais / venore / carlin / ab'dendriel houses with these outlaw camp furniture, but in other cities where it is not possible to transport them, what objects available by the game's scenario do you like to use?

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I'm going to paste to you my answer is this related question: What furniture is there in Tibia that can not be bought in store but can be pushed? I removed some things that weren't daily respawn items. Please click the links if available to find out more details. Also, the locations listed are ones I'm aware of but there could be more.

ItemWhere to find (? Means needs verification but possible location. Please click link for source and more details)
Standing Mirror Standing Mirror 


Coal BasinSome types of Coal Basins

Crystal Wall (Photo source: Popicii)  *Unsure if it's a daily respawn item or not as I don't have access - but when I have access I will edit this to let you know. I wanted to keep it on the list just in case.

Small Golden TaboretSmall Golden Taboret

Ornamented Stone TableOrnamented Stone Table

  • Yalahar in the Foreign Quarter
  • Drefia
  • Oramond

Timber ChairTimber Chair


Wooden TrunkWooden Trunk

(*There's two versions as you can't rotate this item)



(*There's two versions as you can't rotate this item)

Potted PlantPotted Plant

Ficus BenjaminaFicus Benjamina

  • Venore 

Areca PalmAreca Palm

  • Venore 


  • Venore south of boat upstairs

Kidney TableKidney Table

  • Venore

Venorean ChairVenorean Chair

  • Venore

Venorean StoolVenorean Stool

  • Venore
Pendulum Clock
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Hey man, great thred.
About the crystal wall anyone knows why i can't rope up the ones in Hauted cellar (outlaw camp)
I can rope up the  the ones in the Haunted tomb (Darashia), but i want them in Venore -> can't use explorer society tp from port hope either coz i canìt stand on the item.