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Any suggestions? Need to find something with profit. Unfortunately all hunts I made last time were unprofitable.

Thanks for answers.
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I believe there is a Mutated tiger and bat cave in Farmine as well that is good profit and decent exp per hour.

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Giant spiders and brimstone bugs in krailos are about a 50/50 profit exp hunt. You can also select these tasks at 120 as well which is nice. If you have completed mortal kombat, you could hunt mutated tigers after the fire portal for quick access to hunt spot.
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1.- Sea Serpents (Oramond/Calassa) do the task

2.- Briston Bugs (Farmine)

3.- Lizzard Chossen (Farmine)

4.- Yielothax (Farmine) kill the enrage mage

5.- Nightmares (Yalahar)
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In your lvl is a little risk, but:

Freyist: Mini Roshamuul

Mintwallin: Minotaur Cult Cave

Just don't full box, try going with 2 and 3 at a time.
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cool profit!
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Lower rosha not worthy and very very risky for that level.
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idk, maybe with a druid, luring 2 or 3?... the profit there is really nice (but yep, still very risky...)
On that lvl i used to hunt killer caiman for task... its rly fast to finish this one.
And mutated tiger too, the sabertooth is about 3,6k... always dropping too..
Maybe its safer to go on this way xD
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Mutated Tiger with task

Yielothax on Farmine

Killer Caiman with task too
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I would try nightmares in Yalahar, as well as hellspawns if you can find a druid.
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First thing you need always luck

 I think gs would be good idea to make good money

Sea serpent also

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Carlin cults could be very profitable and nice exp too, maybe bring some phys protection and you should be fine
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ses serpents in svargrond are grea! was hunting them with my ek around this Lvl. plus theres a task for them at 130, leviathan. correct me if im wrong :P
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