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I have noticed that my char is not becoming invisible to monsters when my internet kicks or after lag spikes and I die. Have CipSoft changed anything recently?

Is there a way to force monsters to stop targeting, or some client configuration to do that (should I turn 'Optimize client connection' off?)  ?
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Unfortunately Cipsoft has implemented this change intentionally.

Some time ago, when you lost connection monsters stopped attack you for 10 seconds. It was abusing by using proxy and because of this fact nowadays monsters don't stop hit your character even if you really lost connection because of your internet provider.

It is of course unfair to all the players who didn't use any proxy to have easier game, but you can't do anything. Just deal with it.
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I guess this can vary, last night I was hunting and lost connection with internet while was attacking 2 monsters, they really stopped attack me after a while.
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I haven't seen any news article about this, is there proof?
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Ive had both happen recently. One time I died and one time the monsters ignored me. I now log into another character that is in a safe spot to check the connection stability before going back to the character thats in trouble and so far that has worked for me. Also would love to hear if there has been any official announcement that I have missed
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Yup, I also don't remember any official announcement about this change, but I remember that player Slodziutka Karyna made a post on a forum about it ~ year ago, people simply can see the difference that something is changed. When I was hunting with RP recently, he suddenly lost connection with the internet and monsters didn't stop attack him even for a moment. It was impossible before this change. I also heard about it from a lot of players from different servers, so it's not like I copied one guy's opinion. Tbh I don't have kicks, only crashes of the client so it is impossible to check it on my own character, I simply have no idea what's happen with my character during crash.