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A Snake God Trophy Snake God Trophy is handed out during fansite contests. I want to know how many players own a Snake God Trophy in Tibia?

All I was able to find was from TibiaWiki- "This item can be obtained as a fansite event prize. Santa Joker won one by being third in TibiaCity's writing contest: “Call for Letters Continued" 2013"

Source- https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Snake_God_Trophy

However, I recently acquired a Snake God Trophy and want to know the rarity, thank you!

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it isn't answer, but i know one. Ozen on Antica have one in him's house.  there are definitely more, but not many. hard to say.
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probably hard to answer it, i understand you could always post that as your answer because then now i know there's one in antica
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One would have to track every single competition which took place in the past (after the implementation of trophy to the game) and check the prizes. I believe this task is close to impossible. Especially taking into consideration that some fansites got closed.
It's really hard to estimate any reasonable number. Only Cipsoft would be able to provide us some solid answer, but I don't think they share such info with regular users.

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Think only programmers from Cip have this answer hehe. Anyway, according to TibiaFandom:

 Santa Joker won one by being third in TibiaCity's writing contest: “Call for Letters Continued" 2013 .