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Whether it would be offline training or using rods/wand to train magic level on a Knight, would it be worth it? Please explain why or why not, thank you!

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I will say "YES" and there its the reason:

As a Knight you can use exura ico and a spell like exori, exori min, exori gran at the same time, and okey, you are not going to attack more with the magic lvl but you are going to improve your heal, and if you are a good ek you are going to use it alot in this way: 

Exura ico + Great/Ultimate Healing Pot in a solo hunt

Exura ico + Great/Ultimate/Suprem Healing Pot + Sio in a party hunt

In my case at Ek lvl 580 I can heal 200 - 260 with a exura ico  and that extra heal will help alot, I hunt in fire library since lvl 500 with my falcon coif with magic lvl doing that :p .

And if you are a low lvl knight with ml 10 and for example, 20% of bonus with loyalty, check this:

You are going to use : 338 training wands

and you are going to spend: 93 hrs , 53 mins and 20 secs  (in a X2 exp and private dummy) 

to get ml 11

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basically is not, because it would take so much time and would be so expensive without having any real improve or reward beside highscore on ml with knight, some might say, if you get to ml 14 with and with mastermind potion you can throw sds, yeah but with what point though ? it would hit really low aint the same thing as mages with distance to use diamond arrows it wont change anything wont benefit, it would be almost as being highscore of fishing or fist fighting
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"Increases your Magic Level by 3 for 10 minutes. Only sorcerers and druids may drink this potion"
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Sorry i confuse the potion with the npc food "tiger"
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At a certain point it is worth. Good magic level will increase your healing while using exura ico, so it's good you train a little until you get a good heal (around 150 average). Beyond I don't see a point of training magic level as a knight.
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I'm curious to see at what magic level you average 150 per exura ico?
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I'm knight and have 10 magic level, my exura ico is between 130-150 average. Sometimes i got more, sometimes a bit less, so I would say ML 10-12.

Edit: I made some healings now and notice that my average heal is ~160.  min: 140 max: 190
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I'd say a big NO. Knights spell atack are not affected by their magic level, so increasing you magic level they will have only a better "exura ico", what in my opinion is same as nothing considering Knights just use it when low levels and some easy hunts.

It is too much money wasted for no real gain.
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My answer will be “ yes “- if you are low level, already have strong skills  and you are planning to PG. Mlvl will be needed to use specific runes for example -          Magic Wall Rune( 9 mlvl) - those are helpful for team hunts, wars etc.).

Otherwise I will go with NO. Mlvl should be trained during hunts by using rotation of offensive spells + spell healing rather than pots. There is no point wasting money on the training wands/rods if you can invest in weapons for your axe/sword/club skill. 

It reminds me how epic it was when you could have put extra skill on some helmets and use SD rune as a knight. 

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I know it's been a long time since you asked, but I found this thread in Google and I think I have some valuable insight for those, who will find this thread later. If tibia-stats calculators are correct, then each 5 levels will increase your average healing with exura ico by 1, and each magic level will increase it by 6. So, 1 magic level equals 30 levels when it comes to exura ico healing values. Doesn't seem like it's worth it to specifically train mlvl, considering how long it takes to increase it on higher magic levels. Just spam exori/exori gran/exori min, heal with exori ico, etc., and mlvl will grow naturally, no need to train it imho.