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I am going to rush LV 250 with a friend and I'd like to know the best respawns nowdays to rush from 100 to 250 regardless the waste, looking for pure exp.

Thanks in advance.

Powerful Imbuements and best available equipment at hand.
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Are you running best available equipment, powerful imbues etc. that info would be very useful for an accurate answer
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Yes, Powerful Imbuements with best possible equipment.

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Lava lurker is one of best spots to full exp, but there is no loot aswell you can hunt there from 100 to 180-200

if axe 180 you can get phantasmal axe and go for burster spectres, if sword on 200 you can go with summerblade until 250

other option if ek is sword at lvl 200 go summer court or gazer spectre with winter blade, same can be done with cobra axe at 220

if you can find a rp or ms you can go priision -1 x4 at 200+