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What we have on the New Year event marked on Tibia's calendar? How can we have fun on it?

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Actually Ned Nobel NPC appears , in this order they will spawn in different cities from 27th December.

He first appears in Ab'Dendriel, north of entrance.
Then he will be in Carlin, south of depot.
Then he will be in Kazordoon, south of castle.
Then he will be in Liberty Bay, west of depot.
Then he will be in Edron, south of entrance.
Then he will be in Thais, east of boat. After new year's season he will leave Tibia.

He just sell cheap fireworks (old) 



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Just one thing, where is "south of castle" on Kazordoon?
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As far as I know is in the south of the castle like the place where you go to take the rewards of lightbearer
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I think new year event is just to buy fireworks... nothing like other types of events
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We can only buy Fireworks with a NPC on Venore, right? Where can we find him and what kind of firework he deals with?
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I don't think he's in all those cities at once. I believe his location changes (like Rashid's, but on a different schedule)
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I saw some really cool and big fireworks roaming around this December on Thais depot. Are they related to Winter Solstice? They seemed pretty awesome compared to the common firework rocket that I see every year
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Yes the colorful fireworks are loot from the winterlight solstice event....
(sorry didn’t know the npc spawn in a diferent city everyday)