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I always heard people say that you should use weak weapons to train skill online, so is it true? How the weapon impact your training?

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The strength of the weapon doesn't necessarily affect skill training. Most people choose to use a lower damage weapon so they can keep the creature alive without having to go find another one to hit. The only requirement is that you have to hit the creature and do damage every 20 seconds if you are blocking two creatures or 30 seconds if you are blocking one.

Another option if you are lower level is actually to use a higher level weapon. If the level requirement of the weapon too far above your character level (I think it has to be around 75 levels over) you will always hit for 1 damage with the weapon.

However on a paladin you gain more benefit for getting more blood hits. So you have to find the balance of a creature/weapon that you can hit with often but that won't die from the damage.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Training

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The reason people use weak weapons is so they do not kill the creature/person they are training with, or kill them as slowly as possible, so they don't waste time getting another creature to train against. You just need the hit to train, it doesn't matter how much damage it does.