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I haven't played tibia since 2013 and i am thinking of coming back now, i have been watching streams of tibia and atm it looks very different to the one i am used to!

I am looking for recommendation as to what vocation should i pick to start my journey in 2019.

I do not have quick reflex to use hotkey in time so i think it has to be between knight and paladin, furthermore i guess i would mainly hunt solo as i don't have any tibian friends atm.

any suggestions will be useful

thanks in advance!
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Are you thinking of an open-pvp world? If so, we already have answers here: https://www.tibiaqa.com/1084/what-is-the-best-vocation-to-start-on-new-open-pvp-server

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Well, I'm a knight and I also hunt solo... man, it's way more difficult to get some xp than if I were a paladin hehehe

So, for solo hunting, paladins are nice
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I think you should play Paladin, i did it and its fun and great for soloing.
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If you like play alone take Paladin.

If wanna do more friends in future and play in team, take Knight.
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Considering u have no skills to play as mage, same do I, I would recommend u to play as Paladin, think is the easy option to play. basically u will hunt with exevo mas san alternating with some rune. The rest u have to run and atack, in other hand when u feel stronger enough u can lure a box.

But I have to say that is the worst option to find ppl to hunt in group.