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You see a Ferumbras puppet.

It weighs 5.50 oz.

 How can we get this cool puppet??

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Well the answer is in the anniversary event on this 2019 January , where you can rare loot it from Dragon piñata!
Spawns of this piñatas are on Thais , you can make a route here on this south side where you only need 1 hit to get loot so just do 1 hit and go in circles to get more items!

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Are you sure it is a dragon pinata drop?
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100% I got 4
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wtf I got none yet ok... thx for the info
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Just wondering Zupa, how many Pinatas you had to kill to loot one puppet? I got probably something around 400 pinatas down this year and I got only a single Puppet (and I had to sell asap due to running low on funds). Hopefully the remaining 200~ pinatas loots will have at least one puppet for me :(