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I really like new items from Green Demon set and I wonder how can I get them? So far I was playing all the 25th anniversary games and no luck.. is there any video/ screenshot confirming this is loot from Lord Retro or perhaps it is rare items from the games?

- Green Demon Slippers

- Green Demon Legs

Green demon helmet

- Green Demon Armor 

Source of pics- https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Updates/12.85.11485

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Yeah but demon Armor and helmet are originally class 2, this is class 4 for forging. So, no. It is not copy paste. The other stats possibly error like with cake, you never know
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@Trululu I believe that I accidentally hid your comment while browsing with my smartphone om TibiaQA. My apologies.

@Idontknow good call with the tier information! I believe that it should be a Morshabaal drop after the discussion and inputs from users. I am curious about this new boss and how strong he will be.

It would be a honour to play with you. I got a trick on my channel showing how you can hoard several Piñata drops even with low levels. I can't link right now but I got massive stats some years ago with my technique.
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Would be honour and pleasure for me ^^ searching and checking for your channel back and  I  found this ‘new’ thing which you bringing up about lonely Mount Sternum Piñatas…. Totally awesome.. :D I will level up lil bit and make this piñatas gone in Thyria!. Poke for sure!

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It was confirmed that it is loot from new boss- Morshabaal:) video clips - Veyllor channel - https://m.twitch.tv/veyllor/clip/GenerousApatheticSashimiKappa-FTXS7a0cCmG0fKkO

Congratulations to Gentebra !