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I was going through Tibia Archive, I realized there were Tibia Tabloids released on some of the months. How many were there and what they actually contained?

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Oct 02 2015 - Tibia Tabloids, first edition!

  • Jean Pierre advised no real dragons wings used in Roasted Dragon Wings
  • Weather sunny, nights dark
  • Level 999 Door voting results
  • Statistics
  • Queen Eloise had an affair with Frodo, rumours uncomfirmed by Sam
  • Thais won favorite city in 2015, Yalahar won favorite in 2011.
  • Created to commemorate Tibia's 19th Anniversary
  • Premiered Tibia's official Tibia Trailer
  • Recommended locations to hold parties, menus to serve, who to invite, entertainment
  • How to become the perfect birthday surprise gift