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I was wondering in which ways we, as players, can influence Tibia as the game itself?

As an example, designing a fansite item, which Cipsoft can implement into game after won competition.
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when you say "Tibia", you mean the player community, the developers or both?
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I meant more like a game itself. Quests, mechanics, items, stuff like that. I will edit my question to indicate this
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oh... So you want to influence not only the game server, but the game as a whole?
Honestly, it still looks like a vague question for me. We can give feedback or contribute during contests and influence Tibia. Maybe a more direct question is: "How players can contribute to Tibia and leave a mark inside the game?". That would be acceptable. Back in the day, players would even create the Tibia map locations.

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- By playing it. Your decisions in the game matters - they influence others and add to the statistics!

- By contributing in polls- every month there is new poll regarding Tibia;

- By creating proposals and ideas to improve Tibia - this can be done on Tibia.com forum - https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=board&boardid=10 - some of them are taken under consideration and implemented in the game- for example Argo Enya who improved significantly shared experience with her proposal - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Party

- By reporting bugs/ errors or bots;

- By actively be on forum- for example being a Tutor and helping others;

- By attending test server and providing feedback;

- By contributing in contests- that’s how you mention, to create item which will be implemented or not only. You can see more in here https://www.tibiaqa.com/20960/how-many-contest-has-been-realized-by-cipsoft-for-create-tibian-content?show=20960#q20960

- By creating guides and articles which are helpful for Tibian society;

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