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In what city do you hang out the most? Why do you like it? Is it the houses, the people, the npcs?

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Darashia. Becuz I hunt too much on skeletons, until this update the best place to rush level if you have enough level and the team for it. Also good profit.

Have ferumbras ascendant near, carpet so it's so much better for me. I have a house there.
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I always loved Svargrond just because the snow and the ambient looks great ⛄️ even tho I would pick Oramond I like how the construction of the houses is made and the darkness among them
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Yalahar - great range of hunting in a very small area. Depot, shops and boat are all in close proximity
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Always have been a fan of thais, neverliked venore and its narrows streets, plus when they added the sick citizen was even worse, carlin is a nice city, nevertheless I always had a bad experience there, always PKs running around, Oramond lately is a good option if you are above 100 since you can level easily there and get fast to dp or bank, edron is a really good choice especially if you are an old player since the only good place to level up in the past was in edron.
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Just to stay afk I like Oramond. It's has a pleasant atmosphere, nice houses and no chance of invasions.
To stay at the DP i like Venore because later i can use it's ship to go anywhere I want.

I hate thais, it's full with noobs begging for itens. I can't walk there without 3~4 ppl send me pm's asking for help.
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I like a Yalahar, there is a nice houses, near npc, trainings, many hunting places etc
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I like Carlin, Yalahar, Venore and Svargrond and feyrist If it's about the look. Mostly I do refil on Venore in the guildhouse, hunt port hope / dream court quest, live in venore/thais/carlin, having house in yalahar :D
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I hang out in venore the most:) I like it because my house is there and it's near the depot. I dont really talk to anyone in the depot but it's a chill place to make runes and it's my home for so long since 2004 so many memories here.
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There is the list of the cities that in my opinion are the best and the reasons:

Carlin: I love carlin cuz is a cities very similiar with RL, cute houses and so much green around, I have my house there and is the city with the faster way to sell Rashid and also the only city where free accounts can sell Yasir so in my opinion is unique and very useful place heart.

Thais: There is IMO the most popular city in all servers, there u will always find someone to hang out, chat and also so many Pks if you are in a PVP server haha.

Feyrist / Issavi / Venore: I love the design of this 3 cities, so much difference between then, but lovely in their way too.