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In what city do you hang out the most? Why do you like it? Is it the houses, the people, the npcs?

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It depends on which server xD

The server I play with my friends is edron because of our guild house and in the other server that I play sometimes is thais because it is always full of people :D
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Thais, is the center of kingdom, the most populated city, the home of king, the place where you can travel to all important cities.
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Ab'Dendriel because it's pretty and there's not many people there so it is peaceful.
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My least favorite cause im always getting lost
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For several years I lived in Carlin with my main, but Thais is arguably one of the best choices to any player and my favorite one. There is always people there, several houses being used (almost all of them, even on my empty server) and a bunch of events/world changes can happen over there. I would say that the best cities are arguably Thais or Venora on Mainland (Venore is a great place to stay as well, several good hunting choices for a wide variety of level ranges).

Apart from that, I enjoy Yalahar and Edron as my choices for the Premmy area :) still, I guess that for now I will stay on Thais as my main city!

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Free account cities, best looking ever in Tibia. The new cities are strange to me
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I prefer free cities for sure, specially Carlin, even today there's noone at there. Think today Thais is the best city, cuz the bosses u have there, u have always a good number of players there.

To live I choose Svargrond, cuz u have all the ways to travel, carpet, boat and explorer house.
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I recently developed a taste for Cormaya. It sounds like a remote place, but it is actually well communicated. Plus, it feels kinda of like a ritzy island.
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I like Svargrond cuz I can travel to almost every place from there.
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Svargrond, winter is comming =D and the long night will begin
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I really like Thais, it just give me nostalgic feelings.