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I know during the Christmas event the Grynch Clan Goblins come and sometimes drop Snowman Packages. If you open 100x Fresh Snowman Packages that never been opened before (It will say Furniture Kit and not Snowman Package if it's been opened before and these don't count for the achievement) I've heard Snowmen melt when the Christmas event isn't active but stay in your depot and don't melt all year. I've personally never tested this out, but am I able to use the Snowman Package in my house when the Christmas event is over, and does it still count toward the achievement, or does it instantly melt in your inventory and house so it won't count towards the achievement?
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I've never tried it before, but according to TibiaFandom "The package will disappear along with all the snowmen once the Christmas event is over." Based on them, it's been a little over a week since the event ended, so they should have disappeared. I don't have any fresh snowman pack, in case you have it then it is possible to open any time of year.

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In the past, snowmans packages like other decorations, disappeared after a month after christmas. However, I noticed that since the achievement is possible to get my snowmen in the house and depot survived the whole year. It seems to me that unpacked parcels won't disappear either.

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I mean if you can open it in your house and use it for the achievement let's say April which is after Christmas Event. Will it work? And you're saying the Snowmen in the house disappeared or didn't?
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well ... I didn't keep the snowman at the house all year round, but I unpacked it several times, for example for 2 days, then I put it back in the depot and it didn't disappear all year round. I think they don't disappear.
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I will wait for maybe confirmation of it just incase