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In your opinion which Fansite item is the best and why? It could be the most beautiful, or that most representative for the specific Fansite or even the most creative.

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There are tons of good fansite items, picking just a few of them will be tough. These are my top 3. I've never really felt a connection to any specific Tibia fansites so I'm basing this almost completely on aesthetics.  

 I never visited TibiaTR and quite frankly, I'm not sure what the connection between the site and item is, but the frozen heart is just too good to pass up on. Since they added the replica version this has been a must have for every house I've had in Tibia.

 The hand puppets of Tibia RP - not only do they symbolize the site and roleplaying perfectly, they also look fantastic! I prefer these lowkey dolls a lot more over other fansite dolls. The problem with most fansite dolls is that it feels like they have overdone them, and the dolls turn out either too big or too flashy. The hand puppets just fit perfectly in a RP house.

"Why so serious?"

 This cute little fella is just too adorable and a great representative of TIbiaQA. Great job by Pochwalona! But let's be real, that bonelord tome would had been freakin' cool too. Now, excuse me while I work my way to 4k points.   

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My favourite are mostly items made by Lupus Aurelius - Shield of Destiny and Crunor's Heart. It's really professional job.

I like Epaminondas Doll too. Looks adorable!

... and ofc, very special for me Midnight Panther Doll, Adamant Shield and Omniscient Owl :)

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Taking only the actual fansite items (Not replica).


Golden newspapper

Little Adventurer Doll

Loremaster Doll

Heavily Bound Book



Black Knight Doll

The Epic Wisdom

Majestic Shield

The new of Tibia QA

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Midnight panther doll, Crunor Heart, The Epic Wisdom, Omniscient Owl and the Golden Falcon 

All this fansite items that I know I will never have but I like them anyway xD

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War Backpack is the best item, it looks great.
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So many good items, but I agree with Lenorah about the The hand puppets, it's very representative about the game.

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To me, one of the best fansite items is the Golden Newspaper! 

I like its animation: simple but still shiny and classy.

Unfortunately it cannot be obtained anymore from TibiaNews, as the fansite does not exist anymore.

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I liked fansite items from fansites that are not in the programme anymore:

Cateroide's doll - Two are known to exist on the world Calmera & Kalibra, i love the animation !! heart
Bokworm doll - Awarded by TibiaLibrary.org also looks so cute wink
Frozen Heart - Awarded by TibiaTR.net Item that has a lot of people in their homes (Replikas). When using a frozen heart, it starts to melt and looks like this for around 15 seconds: - I LOVE THEM!
Pigeon Trophy - It's a symbol of peace handed out by Tibia ML. This item can still be won in some competitions. He is the sweetest trophy that i even see!
Loremaster Doll - It was rewarded by TibiaTome.com. If you use it, it will either hold a blue flame or turn the book's pages for a few seconds..I'm trying to buy it, i very liked this doll also. It's look like Elementalist with book laugh

And those that can still be obtained from fan page competitions:

Black Knight doll - Awarded by TibiaLatina.Wikia.com. I very liked this doll also for animation

Once used, it pulls out the sword and bonelord shield:
Adamant Shield - Awarded by TibiaLife.com.br  

When used, its color and light changes from Blue  to Purple  (and vice versa), as shown below, and it stays in the other color. It will also display one of its sounds. Shine bright like a diamond, <player>! ( it's from Rihanna song HAHA) A wonderful item angel
Crunor's Heart - Awarded by TibiaBosses.com. When you use Crunor's heart, it looks like this for a few seconds: 
Well, what can I say about her? One of the best roses in the game. Desirable by women.

Midnight Panther Doll - Awarded by TibiaMagazine.com.ve - Thank you God that Makadamia was created this item!! It's gorgeous! I take part in every competition to get it. No results so far.

Shield of Destiny - Granted by TibiaRoyal.com It's one from my favor Shields. This one have a two forms. Use it to turn into a 

Omniscient Owl - Representative of TIbiaQA! Pochwalona i'ts really god job! I will also try my best to get one, it's soooooo cuuuuteee ! laugh

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Haha all of my 3 designs are here <3

 Thanks a lot!
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You have talent, really :)
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Hello dear Tibians! i forgot to give u my opinion rs.

As a big fan of shield I'd say the Majestic Shield Majestic Shield.gif and the Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny.gif are my favorites. Another that I like a lot is the Shield of Endless SearchShield of Endless Search.gif..

Away from the shield I also like The Epic Wisdom The Epic Wisdom.gif, TibiaHispano Emblem TibiaHispano Emblem.gif and the Pigeon Trophy Pigeon Trophy.gif.

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OMG! I can't choose only one. My favourites:

  •   Midnight Panther Doll 
  •  Omniscient Owl 
  • War Backpack
  •  Crunor's Heart 
  •   Frozen Heart 
  •  Music Box 
  •  Loremaster Doll 
  • Norseman Doll
  • Epaminodas Doll
  • and... not my colors but  The Epic Wisdom have beautiful animation and graphic.

but if I can get one... probably Panther or Owl. heart

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You got the owl now! :D
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haha yes, always unlucky but this time very lucky yay!  but still need my favourite panther <3