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What do I need to do to get rewards from the Piece of Cake event? For example, do I need to eat the cake to get a cupcake? The reason I asked is some of my characters didn't get the chance of eating the cake so I want to know what I need to do to get the rewards.

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For your server to be successful in World Quest, you must eat all the cake on the island and this is necessary to monitor the event, but even if you do not have the chance to eat the cake with all your characters get the reward you must complete After completing this task, going through all five machines, return to the NPC and say hi - reward - one and choose one of the following items: Cake Backpack, Cake Cabinet or Cake Tapestry.

Just perform the task in the five cities (edron, Carlin, Thais, Darashia and liberty bay) and you will already receive the rewards for the event.

Stepping on the base of the cake:

Extracting the dough:

"Once you have stepped on the extraction machine, return to the Cake Keep Isle, step on the cake base again and then proceed to the next city, repeating the process.
[: Route example: Cake Isle > Thais > Cake Isle > Carlin > Cake Isle > Darashia > Cake Isle > Liberty Bay > Cake Isle > Edron > Cake Isle]"

A Piece of Cake | TibiaWiki | Fandom

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