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I was checking a page about machines and their utilities and wanted to decorate my house with the "future" theme, with machines and related items. I'll leave some items I found and then post how the decoration was. If you already have decorations already made feel free to share, thanks.

Complete Opticording Sphere

Broken Opticording Sphere

Mysterious Metal Egg   -Open Metal Egg

supreme cube

Monolith of the Planes

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Fansite Items/ rewards:

- Chaos Critical Dice 

- Mini Nabbot

- Memorybox

- Goromphone

- Seal of quality


- Crystal Lamp

- Wall lamps

Grandiose furniture looks modern aka retro from 60’


- Purifier forLost Souls

- Spirit cage

- Suspicious device

- Interdimensional Potion

- Mechanical fishing rod

- Mechanical fish

- gear wheel

- Control unit

- Necrometer

- Ghost Detector

- Strange device

- Rubber cap

- Glooth Glider Gear Wheel

- teleportation rod

- Lit litosphere

- Blue Spectacles

- Soul net

- Stone of inside

- Dream Matter

- Magical water orb

- True Heart of Sea

- Megalomania Essence

- Vial of hatred 

- Soulbastion 

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