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Hello. Because of changes with holy chains is harder to stay alive without mana shield on Rotten Wastelands. Is it better to get in soulhexer crit and hp leech imbuing instead of crit and mana leech? Is it worth it?
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Could you please add the Druid level range and if you are thinking about a Team Hunt or Solo Hunt? That would make your question better and easier to answer :)
I mean about 700+ range in team hunt of course. Think so if there is no impossible to hunt solo because of roots.
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Awesome, but I needed a confirmation. It is always good to specify questions due to indexation factors on search engines :) I've made some edits and hopefully it will help. Try to follow the pattern that I've applied to your question. I also modified some tags as well!

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Are you going team hunt with 1 or 2 druids?

As an ED who used to hunt there a lot, if you are the only druid I would go with mana instead of life leech, given that you will be spamming sio and that consumes a lot of mana.

If you still want to use a life leech imbu, maybe a good choice would be to imbu a bear skin, or an elven mail (in this case you can also imbu holy defence to help you with the chains damage).

If you are going with 2 druids, maybe you can try life leech on the rod. However, in that case I would use a cobra rod with crit and mana due to the life leech amount of the cobra rod. Despite Soulhexer is currently the BIS rod, I believe it is only better than the cobra rod if you were hunting Dark Thais or Ebb and Flow, because of the ice protection.

Hope it helps!