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Currently there are several ways to decorate a house, there are many fansites that help us to decorate with different themes, themes like forest, gold and others. My real interest is what are the themes most used by players in their homes and what are all the names of the themes used.

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- Decorations of nature- which will contain items close to nature like trees, leaves, flowers, fruits, creatures products, items resembling creatures, items to resemble water. Colours are usually used: yellow/gold, green, brown, blue. Person specialising in this theme would be Tynusia and her website where you can find lots of ideas and suggestions is http://www.tibiastyle.com/. It is also style of Divine Angels - https://www.tibiagoals.com/p/house-decoration.html.  Examples (pictures taken from Tibia Style and Tibia goals web);

- Contrast of colours- this is style usually used by Suzy Kill. Used items- anything and everything which has the colour which you choose. Decorations are usually very symmetric. You can find those on Suzy’s website which is https://tibiahome.com/. Examples taken from her website:

- Go with the theme - which is focused on chosen theme. You are looking for plushies room? Or maybe you want to make a museum ? Create your theme with using pillars by Followin Divine’s Angel’s decorations on https://www.tibiagoals.com/p/house-decoration.html.

Terror and Faces- Deco which aspire to create a visual effect of “face” and bring some terror. Colours are usually: red, black and white for the contrast. Created usually from creature products like: eyes, jaws. It is now day’s used by many players- but it is clearly specially of Suze- https://tibiahome.com/terror/ Examples:

Animals/objects- new trend is to create a shaped of animal or some object. You can use any items- the most important is how all is composed from the distance. Fantastic example is Pheonix (by Suze Kill) which can be found on Tibiahome Instagram or some tutorials like below:


There many amazing decorations created by talented like: Amy Mew, Magiska Malin, Norelli, Monzi or Roycrits... I recommend you watch/follow them on Instagram/Facebook, and you might find “new inspiration” :)

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