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With the Summer Update, Old Royal Diary has been added. 

You see an old royal diary.

It weighs 1.30 oz.

An old royal diary that once belonged to Yselda of Bounac.

From the description it appears that it has to do with Yselda. But how can we get it? I can't find any information.

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What makes you believe that such item is obtainable? Has it occurred to you that you might not have found any information on how to get this item because it is not obtainable at all?
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I removed the flag because my question is good. Also removed the best answer because it is not entirely clear if the item is available. Until there is confirmation, I won't be able to choose the best answer at the moment.
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Daissy, asking something based on an incorrect assumption should not be considered a "good question", imho. I wonder what the fansite staff/mods think about this topic. This was the reason why I flagged this question.

One week before this question was posted, I explained the mentioned item was probably intended to be dropped by Megasylvan Yselda, however there was no confirmation, yet. I reported that "possible bug" to Cip on that day, so it might have been fixed with today's patch or might be fixed in a future patch. Therefore, if it turns out to be Yselda's loot, this question seems to be a duplicate of this one:
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1. The way you're approaching it opens room for a potentially, highly abusive scenario (check #4).
2. Like I explained in a comment on this page, the item is classified as a Creature Product and is bought by Yasir. It is most likely to be just another creature product that the devs forgot to add as loot of a creature, not a quest item. If it is indeed added to Yselda's loot, I do think this question is unnecessary because it would encourage people to read answers posted by other people and try to think on question to gain points over them at the same time as it would discourage people to post up-to-date info regarding upcoming fixes till they are implemented.
3. That's not how this fansite works. The Help center has a topic on "How to ask a good question?" not just to guide which questions you should downvote if you see them around. Note: A high amount of reputation points is needed in order to be able to downvote questions/answers/comments.
4. I already did that. Check: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/2176/should-questions-based-incorrect-assumptions-other-issues
5. Regarding this item in particular, I had my eyes on it for a while. I knew it hasn't been obtained yet and would report it sooner or later, so the question on Yselda's loot wasn't decisive for my report. Instead, your position discourage me to post anything about reported bugs that are most likely going to be fixed soon because someone could try to get reputation points over me like might be the case here (if the OP ignores the coincidences about this question and my post from one week ago).

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We loot it today from Megasylvan Yselda my paladin got it. So its rare drop from Megasylvan Yselda.

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Dont know why it has so bad quality this is the photo in imgur in a better quality https://i.imgur.com/kWMHszp.png
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Hey Nixcomander, thanks for your answer and the screenshot. But at the moment you posted it, my answer was already up with the same info you provided (it is dropped by Yselda) and more info related to the question such as when and why Yselda started dropping it. As it is stated on "How to provide good answers?" (link below), before answering, please read the existing answers first.
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thanks for the information i will have it in mind next time i make an answer
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The Old Royal Diary Is a rare drop from Yselda herself.

So killing Megasylvan Yselda is currently the way.

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Panwierzba, the recent addons which require a single item are usually not bought by Yasir, so I don't think this is the case here.
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So why eldrish cristal is for mount and also you can sell like jewelry? I would rather not combine the facts in this regard.
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While I see some relation between the item you mentioned and the generic rule I said, they are not the same. The item category and NPCs involved are different. As I've been saying since the beggining: I based my comments on somewhat recent, very similar issues of creature products that are bought by Yasir not being dropped by the creatures that should drop them.
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At the moment this question was asked, it was already known by the TibiaQA community that there was no way of obtaining this item since such info had already been stated on an answer to a similar question one week before this question was posted. (This is the reason why the relevance of this question was disputed.)

At the same day the information of this item being not obtainable was posted on TibiaQA, it was reported to CipSoft. On August 3rd, 2021, the first reports of people dropping Old Royal Diaries from Megasylvan Yselda emerged. Since this happened on the day of a patch, this indicates that the item was added to Yselda's loot with the said patch. Below you can see a character from Astera transformed into an Old Royal Diary right after looting it from Yselda. On the same day, another Old Royal Diary was put on sale for 30kk in Antica's Market.

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I just looted it from Yselda, it is obtainable, idk if it's good for something other than selling or deco.
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On test.tibia.com was information about second addon to Royal Bounacean Advisor. They said the second addon is not available so far.

This is probably an item for the second addon that is not obtainable. Nobody had ever looted it out among my friends.

Screen shot from test.tibia.com - https://prnt.sc/1im57kg
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"This is probably an item for the second addon that is not obtainable" It is not confirmed that this item is required for the addon so it is also uncertain whether this item is unavailable.
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There is no confirmation. This is the only thing we will probably get when cipsoft adds a new one addon to Royal Bounacean Advisor
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The recent addons which require a single item are usually not bought by Yasir, so I don't think this is the case here. By its description, classification (Creature Product) and due to the fact that Yasir buys it, it looks like an item that the devs forgot to add to Yselda's loot. Similar cases have happened in the past.
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