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I have a friend level 270 ED with ml 100+ that I'd love to help get levels faster by blocking stuff for him so he can eventually be high enough to share experience with me, I am currently ek level 586.

I don't really care about profit, or anything, I just want him to get as much experience as possible, he would be the only one attacking, I wouldn't be doing any damage to the monsters, just blocking so he can focus on attacking.

Any suggestion or recommendation would help a lot, thank you!

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To be honest basically anywhere you would team hunt is where you should also block for him.

 With that magic level you could go to plagirath seal in feru ascension most likely. Gerkulez has done that in the past with a friend, he didnt just block though they both attacked and eventually his druid got into share range.

Another option would be the they winter or summer court. While the summer court is a little more experience and plays more towards the elements of the druid the winter court is easier since you can use bombs to avoid getting attacked as the druid.

Just think of where you would usually hunt with a druid and take him instead. Eventually he will get there.
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Sadly, there is nothing you can actively do to properly help him out.

What he should do is find a group whom he'd be able to share exp and then he could properly get exp.

Regardless of what you block his damage output will not suffice to get him a proper exp/h rate, he needs others do deal damage as well.

The whole idea of the group is not only that one can tank and another heal, it's the collective damage that gets a high exp.
I'm a MS 359, my brother a 332 ED, a friend a 378 EK and another friend a 384 RP.
The dmg is EK first, then MS, RP and ED followed kinda around the same, but the EK has the most.

My point is, you can help him in so many places and waste a lot of money with it but it's not really worth either of your time.
My best guess is that you guys (only the two of you) can pull off around 3~4 EXP/h max where as in a group he'd e able to pull over 7kk. If he's the lowest level of the group then could get even more. (other 3 level 406< but)

What you could also do, sadly involves somewhat of a charity kind of thing.
He alone can't pull the dmg output to get a nice exp, but if you call a 400MS and a 400RP and block for the 3 of them, you'd be able to hunt falcon paladins with a waste (your friend won't be able to hold you with a box of falcons, you'd have to pot a lot).

You could also do ferumbras ascendant, guzzlemaw valley, prision -3 middle rooms (rp needed to double box it), maybe carnivores -3 with rp luring it all...

To sumrise, there's not much you alone can do to help him but those are the options I see you may have.
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 You could actualy go to any place where you would normaly go with a ed of your level.

But since you won't attack, the crratures should not have a lot of HP, so It doesnt take too long for him to kill them bu themself, and you would not surfer that much neither.

For this reason I would recomend you strongly these places:

  • Flimsy -1 in venore dessert
  • Flimsy un Port Hope
  • Haunted cathedral -1 or -3