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What are all ways/activities of getting Theons? Are there any cool-down associated with gaining them?
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My point is much deeper than that. I already spent hours posting about it on Meta before and I didn't get satisfatory replies, instead I got ignored. The same way someone can ruin their own reputation by "pretending games" in a QA website, the own site's reputation is ruined when its admin and moderators don't care about the site's own rules and ignore reports made by its userbase.
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We actually care and discuss internally about such cases. I personally do not see why exactly you seems to be so dissatisfied with our procedures and decisions.

The questions posted about the 25th anniversary are legit. We definitely care about our reputation. But I will check once again the past discussions on Meta and see if there is anything else that must be said by the staff.
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My point with this type of question is that someone who reads "how can I get theons?" will believe it is already possible to get them while, in fact, they don't even EXIST, yet. That's why I suggested phrasing it in the future tense. The way the question is written causes misinformation to the readers.

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Theons is a collective points system (similar to Orcoberfestival or  A Pirat’s Tail Quest) which can be collected during Tibia’s 25th Anniversary - from 7th January 2022 until it’s February 2022. 

Theons can be collected by:

  • Mini bosses in dungeon and boss Lord Retro- every 20 hrs per character / Mini bosses sets of 50 Theons (can be few stacks), Lord Retro- 7k points - loot vary for Lord Retro
  • Funfair with Dragon Hatchling - once per day per character- 100 Theons  (vary, depends how lucky you are)
  • Birthday Buffet- every 24 hours per character- 25 Theons
  • By Scavanger Hunt with tourist every 20 hours.- 200 Theons
  • Killing monsters during raids in Svargrond, Liberty bay and Porthope- raids every - 1 Theon per monster 
  • Killing monsters in the dungeon - 1 Theon per monster

The benefits of Theons are:

  • Opportunity to play with Gods! ( Stephan, Guido, Durin, Steve) by collecting Theons.
  • New Highscore Pantheon- By collecting Theons
  • Exchanging them for deco items. 

During the festivities for Tibia's 25th anniversary, players engaging in the variety of activities running from January 07 until February 08 may gain Theons.

New quest set you against the boss Lord Retro. Only Premium players can face the aforementioned boss. The rewards for your efforts are a new backpack, mount, and outfit, as well as Theons.

Special boss rooms will be available during the festivities in which you can take them on, earning deco items as well as Theons in the process.

New raids near Svargrond, Liberty Bay, and Port Hope until February 08, with dozens of monsters spawning each hour. Defeat those buzzkills and gain Theons and deco items while doing so.

North of Thais, south of Carlin, and southwest of Edron, funfairs have been set up where Premium players can cheer on a dragon hatchling in a partying mood to win prizes like Theons.

In each capital, a birthday buffet will be present from which each character may eat once in 24 hours, which earns you Theons.

Using the time particle extractor on the tourist gives you Theons; this can be done every 20 hours.

Source: Tibia.com

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That's like 1/3 of the answer... ;-) There is more to it, kindly update
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maybe a little easier to read. i appreciate you finding some information but this is a big quote!
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Nice answer but it would be better if you summarize it!
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I think I cant summarize it more (And dont loss info) XD Every two lines is different event and the most import info of an each one to get Theons.
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I summarised. If you don’t like it, change.