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I wonder what hordes of monsters can we encounter during the 25th birthday and where do they appear?

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The raids will happen near Svargrond, Liberty Bay and Port Hope. 

The Monsters which spawns are GS-alike, Demon- alike, Dragon- alike and Clay guardian alike. They look similar and have HP same as original monsters  but their attack EXP is lowered. The damage received is mainly Physical, Fire & Poison. 

They actually can damage (low) each other it seems:

17:29 An unexpected loses 3 hitpoints due to an attack by an unwanted. (suspecting poison)

The spawn of the raid will start every hour- last approximately 15 min (coming in waves).

Unsolicited 2625 EXP Runs on low HP
Unexpected 2700 EXPSummons Fire Elemental, Heals himself
Unwanted 2580 EXPSummons Spiders
Uninvited 3000 EXP

Liberty Bay:

Port Hope:

Svargrond :

What you will definitely encounter during the festivities are hordes of monsters disturbing the joyous atmosphere in Svargrond, Liberty Bay, and Port Hope – grab your weapons and spells to save the day! These creatures appear as new raids near Svargrond, Liberty Bay, and Port Hope until February 08, with dozens of monsters spawning each hour. Defeat those buzzkills and gain Theons and deco items while doing so.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=latestnews&id=6429

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Where exactly is the full area of Liberty bay raid?