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I am trying to get all locations of Time Traveling Tourist.

For example: this is Between Darashia and Ankh Location Next to NPC Umar https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Umar

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Hi! How to know at what time they appear since I came to all locations and they are gone :(
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Dear all amazing TibiaQa community!
Let’s all take it to the next level! When you uploading your pic try too put timing when screenshot it taken. There is possibility that every certain hour have same place of traveller appearing. It is easy- just check when your screenshot was taken and write timing in CET commonly use by Tibia community :)
Thank you all for amazing contribution  and remember all your answers helps other players to quickly do this task:)!

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Hello, i have found one in Edron near Anni Quest. If i found more i will put here more screenshoots.

Edit: A tourist can be found anywhere, its location is random. From time to time its location changes, sometimes I find myself in hard to reach places such as Gnome base where you need to have access.

Edron :

Oramond :

Also south-east of Thais :

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Calassa has one as well - Found it as my daily today. I am looking for others, since the divining rod still works

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For Thais, you would need to go downstairs the tower to access the time machine

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A list of most locations can be found here as there's a lot to list: Tibia Wiki - Scavenger Hunt 

According to Skerio on the forums, the Time Traveller Tourist appears for 40 minutes and disappears for 20 minutes. -Source

Thais Ancient Temple

Okolnir - Frost Dragons

near the entrance to Drefia

Oramond Bridge on way to Minotaurs

Serpentine Tower

Deeplings in Gray Beach

Wasp Tower in Darashia

an Island in Feyrist

Venore Swamp near Amazons


Found him on the way to Draconia in Hellgate!

Ab'Dendriel Tree

Ab'Dendriel - Opticording Quest

Ankrahmun in Green Djinn entrance

Venore Shipyard (The boat near bugs, not the main Venore Ship Boat)

Kazoordoon near Emperor's Room/Cookie Quest

Nargor on the Ship

Darashia Catacombs (Blue Legs Quest)

asked Jan 11, 2022 by (16,751 points) When can I find the Time Traveller Tourist?
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Hello, also you can find him in this place: located between Port Hope and Ankrahmun. Is the north of asuras Palace u up the stairs of this mountain.

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Vega is also a location where the tourist appears. Right next to the stairs leading to Santa's house.

Top of Mount Sternum (highest peak) is also another location for the tourist.

Folda is very easy, with him right next to the mailbox on the top of Folda mountain.

Downstairs of Whiteflower Temple (south of Thais) is probably another place (I couldn't confirm).

Got pictures but I cannot post now.

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I met him at the castle in Thais yesterday.

I also met him in Rathlethon next to the gate.

It is interesting that we can push him and that he has some sounds. 

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Does he react to exeta res?
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I checked it out. He doesn't react to it. He doesn't respond to convince creature either.
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Hi guys, i found the time traveler, right here.

Edron, Hero Cave Entrance:

Have a good day!