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Hello guys.

I wanted to buy some rookstayer. Is there any option to buy some through the market? And how to check where is the character in the rookgard/this island with trainers/new tutorial
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I believe it is possible to view some options through char bazaar.

Select the filter "none" in vocations and the some available options will appear.

And after that how do You know if character is on Rook? Or newbie island?
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There are many details to note that involve this purchase. I hope someone can guide better and give more information about this.

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Hey, the island with trainers you mentioned is island of destiny, you go there after you get level 8-9 on rookgaard. At level 8 you can go to NPC oracle and she will teleport you there.

Here's where you find oracle: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eNpeTFkfFQoU1I-Ahd7YBtp65P83pRum/view?usp=sharing

And before you buy a character, make sure you read the warnings, so you don't get scammed:


Also, if you teleport from rookgaard to island of destiny, you won't be able to return to rookgaard, unless you kill your character to level 5.

It's best for you to read tips for rookstayers:


Endless Snow already told you how to find no vocation characters in bazaar.

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Yes, it is a very delicate issue as it involves a lot of details. Your tips were great as there can be a lot of scams in this type of purchase.
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Can you please post what's in your links?
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In the char bazaar:

Anti scam warnings for buying a Rookgaard character:

- If you bid on a character with a wedding outfit, the outfit will be removed from the character when the transaction is finalized. Also - if you put your character (with a wedding outfit) to an auction and nobody buys it, you will also loose your wedding outfit. Edit: wedding outfit no longer disappears if the auction is cancelled or noone buys the character.

Red notification and greyed out item slots appear for characters which have at least 1 item in their depot or inbox on mainland. It it possible for a scammer to avoid the red message in his character auction:

If a player goes to Island of Destiny and gets a brass set with a help of his second character, then puts it on an auction, there will be no red notification. Characters located in the starting area on Island of Desiny have their residence set to Rookgaard and they have no vocation, so it's not known where the character is located, before you buy it.

Usually, such scam character would have level 8 or 9, but t's possible for a scammer to share experience points in a party mode on his two characters while they're on Island of Destiny, so even if it's level 10+ character, it's still possible to get scammed with brass sets, jagged swords, daramian maces, steel axes, among other items, which can be found in the vocation rooms on Island of Destiny, looted from monsters located in the dungeons, or bought from the NPCs.

The red notification does not appear for old auctions, which started before the implementation of the feature (2023.03.01).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rookgaard/comments/iisqnv/read_this_before_you_buy_a_character_in_char/