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After killing a player, a maximum of two names end up on the players in game body. What decides which names appear there and in which order?

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Dead bodies of players who died by others players works similar as the Death list showed in the website.

When you are killed by players, you will have the names recorded in your death list, of any player who has dealt you some damage in the last minute, and it may also appear names of players who participated in your death indirectly, in these cases will appear as Assisted By. 

Only the name of a player will appear on the body, it will be the one who dealt the last damage.

When a player is killed by other players, all the names of the players involved in the killing will be shown on the list. 

The verb that appears in the death list varies based on the number of people that were involved in the killing:

  • killed by one or more monsters: “Died”
  • killed by 1-4 players: “Killed”
  • killed by 5-9 players: “Slain”
  • killed by 10-14 players: “Crushed”
  • killed by 15-19 players: “Eliminated”
  • killed by 20 or more players: “Annihilated”
If a kill is listed as “Assisted”, the character has not inflicted any damage on the killed character, but has instead helped to bring down an opponent in the last 60 seconds before the victim’s death.