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Very often I can spot several of these almanacs spread around on Thais depot and on the floor of the Adventurers' Guild chest room... Are these books only for decoration? Or do they have a practical function on a quest or something? 

As far as I know, nobody buys it and there is no NPC available to buy it as well...

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The book is part of the secret library quest, once you deliver it, it's just for decoration
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Its the most useless book then? I think I can make a house for me with all the almanac in adventurers guild xD
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Not gonna lie that I am kind of shocked by the fact that you can't even sell it... There is not even a text on it!

Right now they are making the Adventurers' Guild look ugly with so much almanacs left behind.
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With summer update 2019 you can make an achievement "Avid Spectral Reader" by using this book.

More info you can find in the link below:


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With the last updates the purpose of the Spatial Warp Almanac has been added.

At the present it has following use:

1.  Update 11.80 (Falcon Bastion)- Secret Library Quest 1.

2.  Update 12.20 (Cobra Bastion) To get an achievement "Avid Spectral Reader"Obtainable by using The Spatial Warp Almanac while inside Gaffir's secret room accessed through the Cobra Bastion. The secret room can be accessed by dragging Gaffir's corpse onto the fire basin near the carpet.  

3. Update 12.70 (Lion Bastion)- Became officially a Prime Artefact. By using this item you will be able to change look of Folded Artefact Carpet II. 3, 4

It description say's : An extremely old book on teleportation containing a variety of spells on bending space. It seems tainted by something.

Little bit more background it:

1. (Falcon Bastion)- Secret Library Quest 1. This is where we learn that the disappearance of Order of the Falcon is due to this book. Since the book is tainted and it is part of Secret Library Quest, I would say it is due to Variphor. 

Player: Order
Dedoras : Our world has seen many noble knights and orders throughout the centuries. Most of them vanished a long time ago, but only a few under such mysterious circumstances as the Order of the Falcon. ...
Dedoras : This noble alliance of honorable knights once resided in Edron to serve the king. Legend has it they vanished practically over night. rumor has it their disappearance is connected to a forbidden book. 2

2. (Cobra Bastion) - Achievement says : What draws things to other dimensions, one wonders. You read the almanac at just the right spot to end up... where, of all places? That is the problem with dimensional travel: you will never know. Or you have always known. And everything in between.   

3. Lion Bastion - It becomes one of the prime Artefacts and looking at the story of all of them- it seems it will be used to build up Variphor as also Galthen lore in the future (all artefacts are connected to them). 

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