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Hi people,

My friends and I started to play together but this time we are playing just together, always hunting  x4.

We always hunt with all vocations:

Knight - 120 / Druid - 125 / Pally- 124 / Sorc - 118 / Sometimes we have another sorc 100 with us.

My doubt is where is the best place to hunt for XP and where is the best place for XP / Profit.

We have already tested some places like: Oramond Minos, Werebadgers in Edron, Hero cave in edron, etc. But we saw that in all of  these places we are killing the monsters soo fast. And the waste is too big.

Thanks you in advance!!!

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You could try asuras by trapping in some places there on the respawn not luring too much. Anyway at that levels is hard to profit u van try lvl up to 150 first with heroes cave edron both floors or might try asuras that gives a lot of exp and loot.
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actually you need 130+ to go asuras

if you get trapped with lvl 80 pots you die no matter the voc
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Here are some suggestions, but these are places I'm thinking about going but haven't tested yet (my EK is currently at 90):

  • Mintwallin Cult Minotaurs (someone must have Postman quest and bring parcels to send the very heavy loot)
  • Oramond Minotaurs Northern area where the Execowtioners and Moohtants are (not sure if this is good with an EK)
  • Krailos Nightmares
  • Lizard Chosens (under the temple north of Muggy Plains entrance)
  • Feyrist Nightmare creatures (Weakened Frazzlemaw and Enfeebled Silencers)
  • Hellspawns at Magician Quarter -1 
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Asura's Palace , Banuta deep , Grimvale, Lizard City
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