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The worlds of Zuna and Zunera are listed as experimental worlds what does that actually mean? I know its a hard pvp (old pvp enforced) game world and you cannot transfer chars from that world but never understood why it's experimental.

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A long time ago cipsoft used this worlds for testing features out of band of the summer and winter updates. I only recall them ever doing this once. Since then they have mentioned it is too much work for them and probably won't do it again. Back then these worlds had different names they both started with an "a" but I can't remember the names of the world. Perhaps aurea and aura
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They were called Aurora and Aurera
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Worth adding - they weren't just renamed, but got merged with some other worlds (all hardcore PvP, e.g. Dolera)
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Which was a debatable move in my opinion, because Inferna and Dolera used to be old and interesting worlds for the Enforced PvP/Hardcore PvP players. Now they are all mixed in place where they do not even have access to BattlEye...

As far as I know, Calva and Calvera got merged with Zuna and Zunera as well, but having more players to talk more in depth about the subject would be nice!