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Which one is the best vocation to solo level up fast: Sorcerer, Paladin, Druid or Knight?cool

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I wish I could provide backup for my experience but so far it works something like this:

Below lvl 200
exp with paywaste: mages > knights > > paladin.
Profit with decent exp: Knights > Mages > Paladin
profit wise: paladin > > knights > Mages
Pg: Mages > > > paladin > knights

from 200 to 400:
exp (at this point there's almost no hunt that can't provide you paywaste): Mages >  Knights > > Paladin
Balanced (good profit, ok exp): Knights > paladin > mages
Profit (meh exp with the greatest gold gain): paladin > Knight > Mages

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There are several ways to get up quickly, thinking of starting from scratch, know the vocations and which ones you most identify with. If you are interested in the game, all vocations increase by the same amount of experience, so it depends on how you decide to level up. Being alone and in a group (party with other players of the same or different vocation).
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Depends on your style. You could say ED or EK are the fastest because you'll always have someone to team up with, bumping up the exp. But if you're a solo player it doesn't really matter, at the beginning at least. Pick the one you play/like best.
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Mages have an advantage on newer servers as it's cheaper to ml train with exercise wands/rods.

If you have a high skill ek/rp. You will be a lot slower until like 80 for ek if you decide on sea serpents. And like 90 for rp if you decide on grims.

After 150 RP can match same xp as mages. Ek gets close at 200. When you can get around 3kk/h in asuras or barkless elves.

At 250 mages auto win with Falcons.

That said . Rps easiest to solo / farm bosses.
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On low levels -200 Paladin have a good options solo

On high level both mages with the AOE damage can do more experience, solo.
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This is really a question of style. Each profession will level up faster or slower, depending on the level or hunting location.

If I had to make a rank, it would probably be the mages (Druid or Sorc).

This is because they have area magic and can do a lot of experience solo or in parties. I would put Mage first because it is a damage vocation, so it will kill the fastest mobs. The Druid would be second but not far behind as it is highly sought after for hunting at all levels and thus can easily get hunts that give more exp.

In second place come the paladins. They also have a lot of area damage, however, because they hit physical/holy and don't have as high a ml as mages, the ease of killing mobs is no longer as high and the longer you take to kill, the less experience you will get. .

Lastly would be Knight. Because he doesn't have many spells in the area and hits with physical damage, it's not so easy for him to kill mobs with such speed and without going beyond one box at a time.

But all of this will depend on the friends who will play with you, the professions that already have your party and, of course, what style of gameplay you like most.