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Sometimes clothing, mount and colors can help us in the middle of the hunt in various ways, even more hunting for party, putting colors in prominence not to get lost in the midst of spells and the animals themselves, as well as fooling enemies putting on the same clothes of animals, but there is also a whole ritual of luck to "drop" more loot.
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It depends of the colours you like, because you can change the colours of Outfit but not on Mounts. Give the colours you like and we can help better.

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I really like wearing dark clothes and light-colored mounts, to get a contrast.

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  • If we look at the hunting location chart togetherwith monsters, we can select a type of clothing for the player not to get lost in the environment, for exemple "Ferumbras" if you put on an all white outifit your doll will stand out. Of course, this would serve to camouflage or make the character more visible.
  • However, the player is free to select any type of color and mount as he likes, whether hunting or not.