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What imbuements are used on the Elven Mail (3 slots)?
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Are you asking what imbuements are worth using for the elven mail or what imbuements are available?
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What imbuements are worth using for the elven mail.

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I  wouldn't use it for regular hunts.  This is armor with very low base stat and 3  slots. EK  and RP usually put life leech on armor which leaves you with two slots. So it's only useful if something has very low physical damage and high damage from two different elements.

Armor is pretty expensive and using  3 imbuings (+ imbuing on a weapon, helmet, shield...) costs quite a lot too.

I  think you would be better off using different armor with 1-2 imbuements. Which armor and imbuements depends on  your level, vocation and places where you hunt.
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For pvp I think it must be good, death, fire amd ice protection on it.

Heard it is also good for falcons: earth and energy protection and vampirism
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But something regular just to hunt on optional pvp?
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It is not a good armor for normal hunts, there are other much better and way cheaper, this one is for pvp.
But if you realy wanna use it, use vampirism + 2 elemental protection of ur choice, depending of the spot you hunr