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So I have been looking all the info I could about these new 'tournaments' and so far I only got this info about the prizes:

Reward Set:
Rank 1-10:50image1image
Rank 11-50:50image
Rank 51-99999:1image

If the ticket for the restricted one is 500tc, and the one for the regular one is 10kk, aren't those prizes too low? I mean, you pay 500tc/10kk and only get 50tc if you are one of the best ones? 

If so, the amount of tournament coins won must be high, otherwise that prize is horrible.
And the items/outfits/mounts of the store purchased with tournament coins are pretty expensive.
Anyone ccan provide further info about it?

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Actually, the prize pool apparently is not really the same for every tournament. Observe how it is for the GLORY tournament:

Reward Set:
Rank 1:3,000image1,750image1image
Rank 2:2,000image1,750image1image
Rank 3:1,000image1,750image1image
Rank 4:700image1,750image1image
Rank 5:500image1,750image1image
Rank 6:400image1,250image1image
Rank 7:350image1,250image1image
Rank 8:300image1,250image1image
Rank 9:250image1,250image1image
Rank 10:200image1,250image1image
Rank 11-15:1,000image1image
Rank 16-20:800image1image
Rank 21-25:700image1image
Rank 26-50:600image1image
Rank 51-75:500image
Rank 76-100:450image
Rank 101-125:350image
Rank 126-150:300image
Rank 151-175:250image
Rank 176-200:150image
Rank 201-99999:100image
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I had no room to post this link on the post above, but new prize pools for future tournaments can be found here: https://www.tibia.com/community/?subtopic=tournament

I got the whole information about Tournament Coins on this link. It is not clear yet if these prizes will be the ones that will stick with future tournaments!
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yeee, this is different from the 'test' one, these prices areee good!
Im participating :)
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In words of Mirade, the prizes gonna change between the tournaments, so they don't have always the same prizes.

On this tournament as test (The prices of ticket is not 10KK or 500TC) they put it just to test.
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This is the reward of the test tournament, and the price to join the test is only 1 tc or 15k not 500 tc, 500 tc/10kk will be the price of a regular tournament.

We will only know the true rewards in the next tournament if most players like it and cipsoft think it worth to keep it..
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Raven is sure, The first tournament price is 1 tibia coin for restricted store mode and  15k for regular mode, this is a test tournament, in the future tournaments will be a 500 tc or 10kk gold
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Oh ok... didnt know the second price thx and sorry :s
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Nice info!! I guess we will have to wait to know how many tournament coins are given in the reward until the test one ends
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